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The Brief.

We worked hand-in-hand with the Kit and Ace product team using our user experience design 5-Day Sprint framework. Over the course of a working week, we locked ourselves in a room and conceptualized, designed, tested, and validated two mobile applications that transformed a technical cashmere clothing company into a fully-integrated digital business.

"We like that you are very high-touch, again in a great way, and that you are able to walk teams through the process. aeqdigital would be part of a very small and select list of vendors we would recommend! We would absolutely recommend your team for strategy as well, since we went through a successful engagement with you."
- Sumit Vijay, Senior Product Manager

An idea becomes reality.

The products we developed were designed closely with the company’s brand philosophy in mind. We were able to emulate Kit and Ace’s values by designing in a way that is functional and moves people forward.

Apps built:


We created a fully-coded native iOS app and interactive codeless prototype for iPad that was ready for next stage development. Test users believed both apps were ready to ship based on the seamless UX design.



Eliminating distractions, we answered critical business questions for Kit and Ace. The result was a product designed, prototyped, and tested. We cut down months of time to a single week.

Code-less validation.

We used code-less, high-fidelity prototyping to test our concept with several focus groups. We crafted a qualitative and quantitative script from all department teams (UI/UX/Dev/QA) as well as the key stakeholders and product owners, to explore functionality as well as intended use which provided rich data-sets for us to distill into business intelligence in-turn helping us drive fact-based decision making in an Agile fashion.

An iOS app built in 2 days.

Because the 5-Day Sprint spawned off two great app concepts that held equal votes, we thought why not build both and use the user and usability testing feedback to see which one would go into production. We decided to user our design system to actually code the second iOS app. Using the AEQ Design System Manager allowed us to create a living breathing coded app quickly, which translates into much more realistic experiences for our testers, resulting in pure feedback without the hick-ups and inactive static feel of a code-less prototype.

It’s all about the process.

  • 5-Day Sprint
  • Prototyping & User Testing
  • User Experience Design
  • iOS Native App Development
  • Product Design

Kit and Ace partnered with aeqdigital to take digital experiences to the next level. Led by a single mandate, the goal was not about selling product first, but rather showcasing the company’s story and their undercover athletes. By utilizing our user experience design 5-Day Sprint framework, combined with a highly-skilled and motivated team, aeqdigital was able to work with Kit and Ace to deliver not one but two tested and validated mobile apps in just five days.

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