We are designers, developers, engineers, project managers, and strategists dedicated to a perfect balance of technology and user experience.

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Who we are.

Our competitive advantage is our team.

"We like that you are very high-touch, again in a great way, and that you are able to walk teams through the process. aeqdigital would be part of a very small and select list of vendors we would recommend! We would absolutely recommend your team for strategy as well, since we went through a successful engagement with you."
Sumit Vijay Senior Product Manager

What we are.

There's no playbook for pushing boundaries in tech – and we like it that way.

Building digital products that are ahead of the curve, while eloquently hiding the technology in the background means we have to embrace ambiguity and be prepared to tinker, experiment, and learn our way into the future.


We use a perfect balance of technology and user experience to create digital products that offer real business and customer value.

Oxford Latin Dictionary Etymology: from Latin aequilibrium “state of being in balance”.


Today, people embrace companies that focus on creating meaningful experiences. We transform companies by creating these best-in-class experiences, which are deeply rooted in design and driven by technology and data.

We combine these design and technology capabilities into a singular unified solution resulting in a brand experience that changes the way consumers and brands interact on a fundamental level.

This is us.

No, these are not stock photos. This is our team, our family, our famille, our whanau - our people are our everything.

Adrian Moise
Adrian Moise CEO & Founder

Meet Adrian.

Adrian has delivered software products and engaging user experiences on multiple platforms for clients across the nation. His focus has always been on digital transformation and on using technology as a competitive advantage for building meaningful life experiences.

Matt Corstorphine
Matt Corstorphine Director, Product Design

Meet Matt.

Matt has worked with some of the biggest agencies and tech companies in North America designing digital products and interactions. He is a lover of crafting efficient and meaningful interface designs that drive user engagement and connect brands with customers.

Karen Pambrun
Karen Pambrun Director, Customer Solutions

Meet Karen.

Karen has over 15 years of experience delivering agile, on-time, and on-budget projects and solutions, spanning a variety of industries including insurance, financial services, and natural resources. Analytical by nature, Karen has a natural ability to break down high-level concepts into actionable goals.

Mike Godfrey
Mike Godfrey Senior Project Manager

Meet Mike.

Mike is an Agile and SCRUM enthusiast with a natural ability to surpass customer expectations. He holds an unblemished track record for managing projects, specifically when it comes to creating life experiences.

Olivia Tapper
Olivia Tapper UX/UI Designer

Meet Liv.

Liv is a firm believer in human-centred design, emphasising intuitive user experiences in every product build. She embraces Agile and dynamic work environments, bringing the mindset of ‘The Relentless Pursuit of Better’. Liv has worked on a number of projects, applying her expertise in user research, testing, and designing UI.

Michael Austin
Michael Austin Director, Business Development

Meet Michael.

Michael comes from a digital product and brand strategy background where he has developed client businesses for over 18 years. He has worked on both client and agency side growing businesses with scalable strategies and measurable impact in the UK and North America.

Lorenzo Ignacio
Lorenzo Ignacio Senior Developer

Meet Lorenzo.

Lorenzo is passionate about creating wonderful user experiences that utilize extensible, reusable, and completely readable code. He has built amazing experiences, online and in the showroom, for brands such as Lululemon, Live Nation, and Spotify.

Emily Chong
Emily Chong UI/UX Designer

Meet Emily C.

Emily’s passion for creating seamless user experiences and intuitive design is inspired by her daily interactions with the world. She believes that design is everywhere, and everything is an experience. She holds strong values on functionality and minimalism and loves creating meaningful UI/UX for clients. 

Kelly West
Kelly West Head of Product and Innovation

Meet Kelly.

Kelly has over 20 years of experience helping financial institutions with their digital transformations. He has been instrumental in bringing innovative, pragmatic solutions to help financial institutions transform digitally, and is an asset in developing proprietary digital products and solutions for Aequilibrium.

Emily Louie
Emily Louie Content Writer

Meet Emily.

Emily is a creative writer and strategic planner with a craft for content and wordplay. She has worked as a freelance writer and copy editor in both creative agencies and in-house. In her spare time, she enjoys writing comedy skits and screenplays. 

Daniel Hernandez Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez Hernandez Tech Lead / Full Stack Developer

Meet Daniel.

Daniel excels in work environments that encourage continuous learning of emerging and modern technologies. He has worked on designing and building custom solutions for a variety of web and mobile applications. One of his favourite projects has been building a web store for local BC farms to sell directly to chefs.

Kehuan Wang
Kehuan Wang Senior Software Developer

Meet Kehuan.

Kehuan has been developing enterprise software for over 18 years. He has built well-organized systems from backend to mobile integration. He is fluent in multiple languages and technologies. He also loves pizza. 

Laura Meakings
Laura Meakings Digital Marketing Specialist

Meet Laura.

Laura is an experienced digital marketer in the technology, B2B, and SaaS space. She loves crafting digital campaigns that resonate with each target persona, carefully tailoring, analyzing, and modifying each to pair with it’s intended audience. She’s also an avid runner and new mom to kitten, Juno. 

Rianne Chan
Rianne Chan Recruiting & HR Specialist

Meet Rianne.

Rianne is responsible for bringing in Aequilibrium’s international talent. She draws from her diverse interactions with people across industries to understand how to build and secure digital product and strategy teams.


People are everything.
Sergey Pochikovsky
Sergey Pochikovsky Business Analyst / Product Manager

Meet Sergey.

Before moving to Canada, Sergey spent six years in Minsk where he was involved in several commercial mobile and internet banking projects as a usability and subject matter expert. He loves solving complex problems and developing and implementing new ideas. He also loves nature and early morning hikes before work. 

Tim McCluskey
Tim McCluskey Full Stack Developer

Meet Tim.

Tim has developed a wide breadth of technical expertise, providing a foundation for applying unique perspective and innovative knowledge to all client projects. He is most skilled in frontend technologies where he has worked on a variety of applications. He loves taking on new challenges, from software development to eating entire pizzas. 

Damien Szwarc
Damien Szwarc Product Manager

Meet Damien.

A passionate creator of brilliant end-to-end products, Damien brings global experience from both enterprise and startup organizations. He is SCRUM certified and has been instrumental in bringing new tech products to market, specifically in mobility and Internet of Things.

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Building digital products that are ahead of the curve, while eloquently hiding the technology in the background means we have to embrace ambiguity and be prepared to tinker, experiment, and learn our way into the future.

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